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Shireen Damania

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Shireen Damania
255 W Bullard Ave Ste 113
Clovis, CA 93612

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Shireen Damania

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Rose Ethel Lester daughter Ethel B. Lester says:
Dear Dr. Shireen Damania, I would like to leave my phone number with you for your husband Dr. Rustom Damania. It is (559) 456-5010. The Dr.was my mom's doctor for many years. I would like to come by his office to get help in filing out these Social Security Diability forms MSC 116 and MSC 109 forms for myself. I was in the Air National Guard in Fresno but was hit by a auto on a Friday my day off. The accident occured while waiting to have my military unit doctors return. Their field trip exercises of 4wks that turned into 5 months. Just to do my complete military doctor physical the one item missing so I could go to my medical school job training. I had already received my orders to go to a Texas medical facilty to be a medical helper in the field, hospitals, off of helicopters, and on boats. I was hit by a auto male driver trying to drive with his windows completely fogged up! Three wks before the Air National Guard returned Jan. 9, 1999 the military had me waiting for a reserve military doctor when they came back from manevers so I could go forward with my orders as being permanent. Mil doctor examinined me Jan.11,1999 told me I was in perfect health better than any reservist crew but had a hernia go see my own physcian. Asked me if I had been injured at all while they were gone told him a vehicle hit. Guy had his windows fogged up in a school zone, school hrs, and both side crossing guards school instructors gave me first aide at the site, pulled me from under vehicle, put me on a wooden board, put a cardboard splint on my left leg that was bleeding, asked me questions, told me he was a ski 1st aide instructor here, his name Jim, he already called police and ambulance. I told them my head felt like it was going to pop off my neck it hurt badly. I heard this loud bang while vehicle rolling over my body, tried to stay calm to figure out how if I could fit between back wheels after car ran over me. Why didn't the vehicle stop that was still moving completely over me? I would die and Angelica would have no one to care for her. I had been feeling like I was pregnant wanting to throwup. Knew I was not pregnant. At the time I had medi-CAL because my daughter was 8. The Air Force released me, told me to see my personal doctors for my injures, and told me to return when I was seen by those physicians. Medical doctor Hijazi saw me May 11,and directed me to see Dr. Chahall Surgeon the same day and told me to return the next day for surgery....May 12, 1999 to do hernia operation and put a metal mesh patch inside me. The military said I would not be able to do my job. Gave me my discharge after 12 years active duty Navy and their 1 1/2 yr time reserve duty. I put my case in for military disiabilty but they kept turning it down and still today my case is still there before the military board. I did not know I could put in for SS disability. Since I will be 62 next August 2011 and will retire. I inquired about my SS and they said put in for SS disability. I remembered Dr. Rustom Damania telling me the last time I saw him he would be getting ready to retire and do less hours in his practice. I hope he can assist me in filling out these forms. I have this pain in my chest when I bend over to try to touch my toes. It is a little kind of to the center under my breast,I can lift up to about a pound. I am fatiged, My left leg was injured, my energy his slowed. I have ringing in my ears. I breath out of one nostril most of the time, not able to lift any thing, got a loss of memory, constipated constantly, my breath smells like poop, my poop is eliminated big and hard, gas constantly, developed this double belly fat pouch above where I have surgery incision down to midline of my buttocks. There was damage in left leg muscle tissue which left sunken black mark above and a black mark below where I had damage to left leg even after using crutches perscribed by Fresno St. Agnes hospital. Maybe 2 months ago I developed this pain in my forehead I had a headache like my head would burst, felt something popped in my forehead, my speech slowed, vision blurred, and I got this twitching in my right eye and went to the VA hospital, male nurse checked me in and I guess he pannicked and called head doctors in. A doctor said I have a heart murmur.They asked me questions and placed stuff in my eyes and waited for my twitching to start again and told me to return next day for head scan. I did and do not know the results. I am sorry I am so long winded Dr. Shireen Damania! Thank you for your time.