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Noel Figueroa

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Noel Figueroa
2802 Aloma Ave Ste 200
Winter Park, FL 32792

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Noel Figueroa

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Zoe says:
I saw Dr. Figueroa as a patient ten years ago. Back then, I was a teen, who believed in doctors and believed that I was supposed to be honest with them during sessions. As a result, I revealed I was bisexual. Dr. Figueroa blatantly asserted that "I wasn't gay" and refused to talk about it any further. He was right, I wasn't gay. I was BISEXUAL, as I had stated. However, he refused to acknowledge any alternative sexual orientation and clearly WASN'T objective and was highly judgemental. I never went back to him. I knew that I couldn't see a doctor I couldn't be honest with, or one that refused to do the very thing he was supposed to, which is to understand the human condition. This homophobic encounter has stayed with me all these years later and it destroyed the faith and trust I had in doctors for a very long time. It was years before I saw another. Fortunately, I was eventually able to see a doctor I could be honest with who accepted the truth and was able to work with me, and I am happy to report I am doing well and have resolved my problems. No thanks to Dr. Figueroa's ignorance and intolerance. Oh, by the way, I'M STILL BISEXUAL (haha).